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Current Conditions

Date Channel Pond Water Temperature/Comments
01/26/2022 no measurement 7 1/2" There is about 2" of sloppy slush on top of the ice
02/02/2022 no measurement 11" upcoming storm could impact the conditions
02/08/2022 no measurement 14" temperatures are warming up during the day, check the ice before going out
02/14/2022 no measurement 14"+ Ice is still measuring 14 therefore we are moving ahead with the derby! HOWEVER, there is a potential for rain on Thursday and we do not know the amounts. This Crappie Derby could be postponed if conditions are not safe! Mother Nature controls the weather, not us! We are crossing our fingers to have this derby, we have not had it since 2018 and are excited and staying positive that we can have the Almost Annual Crappie Derby in 2022!
02/18/2022     Plenty of ice on the lake, however with the rain and the waters rising, the lake ice has shifted from the shoreline. It has caused ice to break, shift, create peaks of ice and it has in many areas refrozen in that formation making it too dangerous to get on and off the ice.













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