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 Derby Rules and Regulations

1.      You must be registered to win a Prize and must have
    your Registration # ID on your Person

2.      Only one “Special Prize” per contestant

3.      White Crappies Only!

4.      All fish must be legally caught

5.      Fish must be legally caught . . . Not Frozen!
     Fish which are not obviously freshly caught will
     be rejected by the judges.

6.      Longest Perch, Bullhead, Walleye, etc. Prizes close @ 2 PM

7.      Fish must be taken during the hours of operation and
    taken from Whitney Point Lake. Judges have the option of
    requesting verification

8.      “Special Derby” ties are decided by First Caught

9.      Whitney Point Sportsmen’s Assoc Members are not
    eligible for Prizes.

10.  Pre-Registration Fee is not refundable in the event
    of derby cancellation

          11.The Judge’s Decisions are FINAL


You can bring them and use them for transportation to your fishing spot but should park them until time to go home. No touring or Hot Roding. This will be enforced by DEC and BC Security. All NYS Laws regarding these devices will be in effect and could be enforced.



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