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The 2016 Almost-Annual Crappie Derby scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2016
is Cancelled

February 2, 2016
A News Release was sent to our Media Supporters (Click here) to announce the cancellation of the event Monday afternoon. It was with great regret that we felt the need to cancel the derby for 2016. The History Page will be updated in the next few days to describe the events that led to this cancellation. (For the record, the Cancellation statement and a paragraph similar to this on this page was added on the afternoon of 2/1/2016 but was somehow lost in the server between then and now). Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

March 16, 2016 -- It appears official that the Ice Fishing Season is now at an end on Whitney Point Lake. A visit to Dorchester Park today disclosed much open water. In fact, there was very little ice floating in the center of the lake. At 3/9/15, we still had 23" of ice.

New NYS Legislation Pending
Looks liked we "dodged the bullet" on a proposed new NYS Law (A3855/S2634) ( http://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2015/S2634 ) that would outlaw competitions and contests that involves taking "wildlife" (my quotes). I have read that it exempts Fishing Contests but looking at the text of the bill, I can't specifically find that. But of course, we know that we can trust the people in Albany who write these laws. Can't we? You may want to contact your state legislators and suggest possibly we're heading down some dangerous trails. Just for chuckles lookup "wildlife" on Wikipedia.  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildlife ). Amateur Mycologists beware!

January 30, 2016
Official Ice Thickness readings were taken by Dorchester Park personnel yesterday (see Current Conditions Page) which indicated that we still require much more ice to conduct the derby. The Derby Committee was advised and are currently considering our next steps. We are currently in discussions with Broome County Parks Commissioner Art Garrison and expect to announce our plans after the weekend. A news release will be forthcoming at that time.
The final decision on a "GO" for the derby cannot be made until the Monday prior to the scheduled date. This allows for a final check of both ice and weather to assure the safety of participants. Obviously, cancellations and postponements can be made at any time.


First Ice January 4, 2016
Open Water - as of 1/9/2016 -
It is likely that tomorrow's (Sunday 1/10) temperatures & rain will remove everything we had.

As of 1/13/2016, there are 3 to 4 inches of ice with some broken/dangerous areas around the edges.

The Crappie Derby Committee met this evening and after evaluating the potential effects of this years' El Nino and our past history as it related to major weather patterns, we set the 2016 to February 13, 2016. We listened to our consultants regarding the weather and our derby followers regarding postponements and decided to do a go for it all Saturday, February 13, 2016.

  This website is the official source of Crappie Derby news. Stay tuned . . .

We will try to provide updates as they occur regarding detail plans as we progress through this period.

In previous years we have strived to stay with our "last Saturday in January" date but our consultants at the National Weather Service have convinced us that is not likely this year. We appreciate your patience and loyalty with us over the years but this year we have to try to plan a little better.


Two NYS DEC Studies Have been made available to us recently. These studies reflect 2015 Fish Netting/Sampling in Whitney Point Lake.
Click Here for DEC715009 and Here for 715025

Following information is from previous derbys.

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We welcome your input. Email to nyscrappiederby@aol.com

2015 Purse was over $8,000
With many thanks to a lot of people

  If you have a favorite News media you would like to have included in our News Releases, please send an Email addressed to me at NYSCRAPPIEDERBY@AOL.COM and I will include them with future releases.

Images updated on 2/16/2015
We have added photos of our derby winners on our Image Gallery Page. Feel free to copy pictures from our gallery. If you would like larger images I can provide them on request.

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Prize Categories
28 - Biggest White Crappie (Length) per "Special" (each 15 min period between 8AM-3PM)
+7 - Misc 1st Crappie and National Anthem
3   - Biggest White Crappie of the day - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
6   - Biggest of numerous fish species (Over the entire event - Cuts off at 2 PM)
4 - (or more) Door Prizes - Any Registered Participant is eligible - No need to catch a fish
Many -       Kids prizes throughout the day
The derby has been known as the "party derby" for many years due to its' unique format. The Crappie Derby awards prizes every 15 minutes for the largest (longest) White Crappie caught during each 15 minute period during the derby hours. This format has caught on and is now used by a number of other derbys. The format makes for a carnival environment all day. The judging booth is located in the middle of the ice with a powerful PA system which is constantly announcing the status of the current leaders of each "derby". Along with the judges booth is a concession stand providing a steady stream of chili, chowder, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc, all day.  Rent-a-Johns positioned over the ice help to make this a comfortable place to be during the long winters day. In addition to the anglers, many visitors show up to observe the goings-on of the day. The event has drawn as many as 8,000 people to the ice of Whitney Point Lake. Other organizations such as the Ross Park Zoo, 4H Education Center at Finch Hollow, National Weather Service, to name a few, provide other interesting items to visit.

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And thanks to Rob from

NY Outdoors Talk:

Rob attended our event and says he had a great time.

Welcome Rob and thanks for the great video.

Rob Vanderwerf



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