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The 2017 Almost-Annual      Crappie Derby has been      CANCELLED

At our weekly Committee Meeting tonight it was unanimously decided to cancel the event for 2017. Evaluating the current ice measurements with the weather forecasts for the next week leads to an inescapable conclusion that we would not be able to assure the safety of our guests. It IS with GREAT sadness that we pass this news along.

We would like to thank everyone who assisted us in "going through the motions" in planning this event. When there is a cancellation, a vast amount of work must be done by the Sportsmens Club, especially the Derby Committee, and Broome County Department of Parks and Recreation as the group mentality is that "we have to be ready when we get the GO". In this case however, it was a "NO-GO".
Many businesses and organizations made donations with the same assumptions. We must now proceed in returning these donations (more work). Many organizations also agreed to be part of the event on our "midway". We are grateful to you as well. This includes the BC Underwater Rescue Squad, Triangle EMTs, Amego Rescue Dogs, WP Rotary Ice Skating, National Weather Service, Gander Mtn, Johnson City,
4H Education Center @ Finch Hollow and others.
Those businesses and organizations who donated to our event have been placed on our SPONSORS Page  Please continue to support our sponsors.


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The Perch Derby in Norwich, NY is still being evaluated for their event. Go to
for the latest information on this.

We were very comfortable in shooting for this date. While talking to the NYS DEC Fisheries office in Cortland yesterday, we were assured that this would be one of NYS FREE FISH days. Anyone can  fish without a fishing license on this weekend. It looked like a perfect fit for us -- as . . .
1. We have been wanting to "try" a later date for a number of years.
2. It ties us in with a planned  NYS event that promotes fishing (which has been a goal of our event since its' inception).
3. As NYS likes to tie the Free Fishing to include education, we'll try to plan some events, such as seminars and/or demonstrations along with this.
4. It coincides with Presidents Day (weekend) which allows families to travel with their children. We put a premium on children.
5. Being so close to the PA border, it will be more tempting to Non-residents.
6. It may be an incentive for local people who have not participated in the past to visit their local event and try "wetting a line".

Considering all of the above, it appeared to be a no-brainer. It was also decided that this will be an "All In" plan. That is, there will be no reschedule date.  If this date does not work due to Mother Natures dictates, there will not be an alternate date.

We will be working on Pre-Register plans and other details over the next few months. As our plans tighten and expand, they will be announced here.

This is the only Official outlet for derby information. But we do rely heavily on our friends in the news media for passing our information along to you. There is no Facebook, Twitter, etc social media outlet. You don't need to join any clubs to have access to our latest information.




  This website is the official source of Crappie Derby news. Stay tuned . . .

We will try to provide updates as they occur regarding detail plans as we progress through this period.

Following information is from previous derbys.

For Registration & Pre-Registration info Click Here

We welcome your input. Email to nyscrappiederby@aol.com

2015 Purse was over $8,000
With many thanks to a lot of people

  If you have a favorite News media you would like to have included in our News Releases, please send an Email addressed to me at NYSCRAPPIEDERBY@AOL.COM and I will include them with future releases.

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Prize Categories
28 - Biggest White Crappie (Length) per "Special" (each 15 min period between 8AM-3PM)
+7 - Misc 1st Crappie and National Anthem
3   - Biggest White Crappie of the day - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
6   - Biggest of numerous fish species (Over the entire event - Cuts off at 2 PM)
4 - (or more) Door Prizes - Any Registered Participant is eligible - No need to catch a fish
Many -       Kids prizes throughout the day
The derby has been known as the "party derby" for many years due to its' unique format. The Crappie Derby awards prizes every 15 minutes for the largest (longest) White Crappie caught during each 15 minute period during the derby hours. This format has caught on and is now used by a number of other derbys. The format makes for a carnival environment all day. The judging booth is located in the middle of the ice with a powerful PA system which is constantly announcing the status of the current leaders of each "derby". Along with the judges booth is a concession stand providing a steady stream of chili, chowder, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc, all day.  Rent-a-Johns positioned over the ice help to make this a comfortable place to be during the long winters day. In addition to the anglers, many visitors show up to observe the goings-on of the day. The event has drawn as many as 8,000 people to the ice of Whitney Point Lake. Other organizations such as the Ross Park Zoo, 4H Education Center at Finch Hollow, National Weather Service, to name a few, provide other interesting items to visit.

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Rob attended our event and says he had a great time.

Welcome Rob and thanks for the great video.

Rob Vanderwerf



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